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Strips Silicone Scar plaster - 010 - Clear

Ref. nr: 010
1 /
  • Breathable PU film
  • Pulling aid
  • Very high elasticity
  • Carrier film is supplied for better storage after cleaning etc.
  • Reusable
  • 4 pcs per item


Our new silicone patches are ideal for the treatment of reddened and raised scars, as well as for the prevention and therapy of disturbed scars. The patches can be optimally combined with the Amoena Scar Garments.


260 x 35 mm


PU film, Contact silicone AF 19, Release film PTFE


Silicone and compression provide the ideal scar therapy combination. Applied early in the treatment phase, combination therapy can act as a prophylactic to minimize the risk of excessive scarring. Find the right one for your needs: silicone strips and patches.

Our newly expanded range of products is based on our long experience. Our goal is to give every woman the right combination for her needs after surgery.

Vigtigste fordele

Our recovery care products can be combined in many ways so they can meet the specific needs of women as they recover from any of the following kinds of breast surgery:
  • Mastectomy
  • Reconstruction
  • Breast conserving surgery
  • Augmentation / reduction