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Back to ease: Adapt Air Breast form with integrated air chamber

Amoena is renowned worldwide for creating the highest quality breast forms that restore symmetry and self-confidence, beautifully and comfortably. As the leader in innovation, we are continuously developing advanced solutions to meet women’s unique needs and preferences. With the Adapt Air breast form, Amoena has once again set a new standard in the field of breast care.

The Adapt Air breast form integrates air chamber technology, an innovative breakthrough that that provides women with new possibilties. The invisible air chamber within the breast form makes the Adapt Air adjustable, lighter, and more flexible than other forms. The Adapt Air adjusts to woman’s unique chest wall, filling in gaps where there is unevenness. A perfect fit is achieveable through the use of a small special air pump, which a woman can easily use herself, or her fitter can help.

After breast surgery, many women suffer from secondary lymphoedema in the breast area or hormonally induced weight fluctuations. The Adapt Air’s flexible back and easy-to-adjust volume ensures a comfortable, close-to-body fit and always perfect symmetry - even when the natural breast fluctuates in size. As well, it allows women greater choices of bra styles for more fashion freedom. The adjustable air chamber technology of the Adapt Air allows fitters to enable a perfect fit, more quickly and without compromise.

The Adapt Air breast form is available as a full breast form in two weight options for women who have had a mastectomy. It is also available as a breast shaper (Balance Adapt Air) to meet the needs of women who have had breast-conserving surgery or who have naturally have uneven breasts.

Feedback from women is highly positive, with women reporting thatt the Adapt Air offers them a significantly better wearing sensation. Adapt Air - the new gold standard in breast care for feeling at ease again.

Quality made in Germany: for more than 45 years

Amoena is the world's leading breast care manufacturer and the developer of the first silicone breast prosthesis. Backed by more than 45 years of experience and setting the highest quality guidelines, Amoena is synomous with excellence. Amoena breast prostheses continue to be manufactured by hand in Raubling, Germany. Amoena’s most recent innovation, the Adapt Air breast form, which features air chamber technology, received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, as well as four other esteemed international design and innovation awards. The Amoena extensive product portfolio which includes recovery care, breast forms, and breast care textiles, is designed to support and empower women from the time of diagnosis, through healing and return to everyday life. Today, approximately 400 employees around the world work to meet this mission with full commitment and passion