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Adapt Air – Our New Adjustable Breast Form

Adapt air Amoena

With our new Adapt Air breast forms, we set standards and raise breast prosthetics to a new level. An integrated air chamber allows individual adjustment to the chest wall and the natural silhouette of the woman. Thanks to our Comfort+ technology and a special lightweight silicone, Adapt Air adjustable breast forms provide perfect wearing comfort for women who have undergone a total mastectomy.

Perfect Fit and Wearing Comfort Made to Measure


No two people are alike. The breast volume of a woman may be between two sizes. In addition, human bodies are subject to a constant process of change, such as weight fluctuations due to hormone status or medication. In addition, the scar area is individual for each body, uneven scarring as a result of a mastectomy is not uncommon.

In all of these cases, a breast form the customer can individually customise is beneficial. And for the fit specialist it becomes easier to find and offer a perfectly fitting breast form.

The adjustment of the volume is as easy as the fitting video shows.

"It is such a simple thing with such a great effect. I can offer even more bras to my customer and simply fine-tune the fit."   Feedback from a fit specialist, Norway.

The Adapt Air breast forms offer the possibility to fine-tune the fit. This is faster than try out a new size or shape.


What Makes our Adapt Air Breast Form Outstanding?

Adapt air Amoena

Individually adjustable to each unique shape

Integrated air chamber technology allows the breast form size to be adjusted by simply adding or releasing air anytime - on the go or at home.

All day comfort 

The temperature-equalising Comfort+ technology offers all-day comfort to maintain a woman’s ideal body temperature and prevents sweating under the breast form.


InTouch light silicone makes the breast forms 25% to 40% lighter compared to a regular breast form of the same size.  

Close to the body 

Adapt Air is comfortably customisable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact.

Visual symmetry 

Adapt Air can be adapted to every woman’s unique shape or bra style for a symmetrical silhouette that’s perfect for a full and active life.

Innovative Breast Form with Integrated Air Chamber Technology


A high wearing comfort is achieved by the combination of different technologies. The "Comfort +" technology promotes temperature balance between body and prosthesis and thus reduces sweating. Thanks to the use of special lightweight silicones, Adapt Air prostheses are also available in two different weight classes, either 25 percent or 40 percent lighter than a conventional prosthesis of the same size.

Adapt air Amoena

  1. InTouch light silicone layer
  2. Air chamber
  3. Comfort+ structured back
  4. Super-soft matt film 

The air chamber is situated in the middle of the breast form between the cup layer and the Comfort+ layer. To fill the chamber with air or release air a special pump is needed. 

Each Adapt Air breast form has a super soft specially designed valve to easily connect the pump. The pump is included in each breast form box together with detailed instructions for use.