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Following breast surgery many women are concerned that their breast form will move during normal day-to-day wear, or that they will be restricted in the types of clothes they can choose. To ensure complete security, Amoena Contact breast forms adhere directly to your skin so that they will not slip or move, even when you bend forward or raise your arms.

Key benefits

  • Adheres directly to the chest wall making it easier to accept as part of your body
  • Follows every body movement naturally and does not fall away from the body when you bend forward
  • Is ideal to wear with figure-hugging clothes
  • Distributes weight more evenly, thereby helping to relieve stress on the shoulders and back
  • Has an adhesive surface which has been thoroughly tested and is kind to the skin
  • Gives a feeling of total security, allowing you to completely forget you are wearing a breast form
  • Amoena Contact breast forms are supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage, with a range of sample skin care products and instructions for use.

Order Code: 380/12


The Amoena Contact breast form adheres directly to the body and stays in place with every movement, relieving pressure on the shoulder and providing more freedom in clothing choices. Ideal for women with active lifestyles.


From 1 to 12


100% Silicone


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