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In the context of the word amoena, the letter O doesn't have a specific meaning by itself. Amoena is a Latin word, an adjective that means pleasant or lovely in English. It describes something that is delightful, agreeable, charming, or pleasing. The word amoena itself is derived from the verb amo, which means I love or I like. We do pronounce the sound when we say Amoena, and we want to explore it further, so that it’s more than just a sound.


Perhaps in the context of breast cancer, O brings to mind the word oncology. The medical professionals and specialists involved in breast cancer care can include surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists, all of whom play crucial roles. 

But we prefer to give the O much more heartfelt meaning. When you see it in our branding, we hope you think of:


The Original.

Amoena is the original – We created the first film-covered silicone breast form in 1975. Then, we built on that to create the first 2-layer breast form, the first breast form with an adjustable Air Chamber, the first Valletta top, and many other innovations.


At Amoena, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We recognise the importance of choice, and our comprehensive portfolio supports finding what works best for each woman. Our products are designed to complement each other and provide care for every step of the patient's journey.  With our Amoena Solution, we support women from diagnosis, right up to the return to their everyday lives.

Own It.

Your body is unique and your own. Our mission has always been to support you, and now we are taking it further: We want to emphasise that our goal is for you to own your confidence, and love your body.

The positive feedback from the women who are supplied with our products, motivates us to work on even better solutions.  We work with the highest passion to provide the best possible care and empower women throughout their journey.

Barbara Story