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Leyla – Our New Post-surgery Compression Bra

Prewashed and packaged – ready for clinical use

post op bra front zip fastening from Amoena for Breast Reconstruction, Mastectomy

With an increasing number of surgical procedures on the female breast, the importance of efficient and targeted postoperative care for patients is also growing. The right compression bra is essential to the success of a surgical procedure as it reduces the risk of bruising (haematoma) and liquid accumulations (oedema).

Smooth and Healthy Recovery After Breast Surgery

With our new innovative compression bra “Leyla” we have an optimal solution to support the success of a surgical procedure. Our compression bra gives as much compression as needed while at the same time it offers as much wearing comfort as possible.

Innovative design made in Germany

During the development of Leyla, we had in mind the best possible functionality for surgeons and clinicians while at the same time focusing on the greatest possible patient comfort.

Dirk Müller, Head of R&D at Amoena


    Leyla compression bra was designed to be used by the surgeon immediately after breast surgery. It provides optimal results after:
    • Breast Reconstruction
    • Breast Reduction
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Lifting
    • Oncoplastic Breast Surgeries
    • Mastectomy

    Leyla Bra Features and Benefits:


    Leyla makes the difference and enables efficient postoperative care after breast surgery. For the best possible surgical result, Leyla offers as much compression as necessary with as much wearing comfort as possible. Our post-surgery compression bra comes with the following features and benefits:

    1. Adjustable wide lined straps with hook and loop fasteners for easy fitting and wearing comfort
    2. Anatomically shaped with strong, stretchable material for optimal fit and compression of upper breast area
    3. Front zip closure for easier access to the surgical site with hooks & eyes underneath offer more security
    4. Zipper protection provides extra comfort
    5. Special knitting areas guarantee an optimal lymphatic flow around the torso
    6. Seamless pockets can optimally hold a Priform or Leisure Form
    7. Selected materials to ensure pleasant wearing comfort
    8. Hook and loop fastener flap in middle back to attach to a compression bra with a soft compression strap stabilizer to keep the belt in place


    post op bra compression, seamless, prewashed Amoena

    What Makes Leyla Bra Outstanding?

    Prepared for direct clinical use

    A disinfection wash carried out in advance, with subsequent packaging in a protective atmosphere in a peel bag that serves as a barrier against germs and bacteria, allows the product to be applied to the patient in the operating room, directly after the procedure. This reduces the bacterial load of the compression bra and thus reduces the patient's risk of infection.

    post op bra compression for breast surgery pre washed amoena leyla

    Choosing the right  size easily

    With Leyla, unique visual sizing enables the right bra to be selected quickly and efficiently, for optimal surgical results. Seamless technology, double sizes and universal cup shapes make it easier for medical supply store staff to choose the right compression bra for each patient. 

    Available styles and sizes:

    post op bra compression front fastening bra size chart

    Fitter tips

    Measure the patient standing in front of the mirror.

    Step 1: Determine the underbust measurement while the patient is standing up wearing a comfortable bra, measure around her torso where the bra band sits.

    Make sure the measuring tape is not twisted and/or slips upwards or downwards.

    Step 2: Find your measurement in the chart shown below to determine the bra size. Use the symbols or colours to quickly find the right product size in stock.