You Spoke, We Heard: Results of the Spring 2013 Reader Survey

Thank you for responding to our survey questionnaire. Here's how it went down.

Overall, you were so kind in our Spring 2013 Amoena Life reader survey, we’re tempted to do our Sally Field impression: You like us, you really like us! So thank you, from the bottom of our collective editorial heart.Your satisfaction is what makes our work worth doing. That said, here are some numbers:

We had good participation in several countries. Each country's magazine had nearly identical feature articles, plus local pages that were different around the world.

Country Responses Received
Germany 377
France 86
Belgium 84
United States 80
United Kingdom 48
Denmark 36
Poland 17
Sweden 10


When asked if you liked the new look of Amoena Life:

  • 80% of U.S. readers said “Strongly Agree”
  • 74% of German readers said “Strongly Agree”
  • 68% of French readers said “Strongly Agree”
  • 67% of U.K. readers said “Strongly Agree”

Many of you feel strongly about the photos of women in the magazine. On average across all countries we polled, 43.2% said that you can relate to the women in the photographs, but 4.9% of you “Strongly Disagree” with that statement. Some of you asked to see more plus-size models, some requested younger women, and still others asked to see more senior women.

Take a look at which sections you liked best (this shows the U.S.responses):

types of articles amoena life readers like



Our staff wondered if the Real Life story about the woman who tattooed her reconstructed breast would be controversial. Considering more than 60% of you marked “Love it,” and it was a favorite category overall, we’re going to say it was more success than problem. (Whew!)

Finally, you gave us some great suggestions for future topics. Some articles on your wish lists:

  • Fitting tips
  • Traveling with a prosthesis
  • Basic exercise and Tai Chi
  • How to donate gently-used bras and breast forms
  • Long-term effects of chemo and radiation
  • Nutrition and healthy diet
  • Hot flashes
  • Hair loss that hasn’t grown back after a while

All great suggestions, and we will definitely consider them. We’re ever grateful that you’re still reading us, still enjoying us, and still sharing our magazine with your doctor’s office, your local cancer center and your support groups. Watch for our next reader survey – we think we’ve started a good trend, here. Feedback is fab!