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Encouragement, education, ideas and support was developed years ago with support from Amoena, to address the general needs of all who have been touched by breast cancer.

The website’s unique and specific mission focuses on providing breast cancer survivors accurate information about everything from post-surgery products and options to health insurance to intimacy issues.
One popular highlight is a very relatable monthly column called Funny You Mention It, written by humorist and breast cancer survivor Dianne Armitage. Dianne shares her musings on the journey after breast cancer and everyday life with a heaping dose of good cheer – to make you laugh, to lower your blood pressure, to remind you that you’re not alone – and she successfully inspires with every post.
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We invite you to share this valuable resource with your support groups, your social networks, and your friends who have recently been diagnosed. Our goal, as always, is to help women look ahead at life with knowledge, hope and inspiration!

In celebration of renewal and wellness, TheBreastCareSite is a community where hope is planted, spirits are nurtured and awareness takes root.