Natura Cosmetic Breast Form

Natura Cosmetic breast form. Looks like you, feels like you.

The Natura Cosmetic is the first breast form I’ve worn that truly feels like me. The first day I wore it, I didn’t want to take it off – I couldn’t believe I found a breast form that felt so natural, soft and comfortable.
– Mary, age 55

The first day I wore the Natura Cosmetic form,
I said to myself, “Amoena has finally done it.
They have finally made a real breast!
 – Naomi, age 83
Women have told us they want a more natural looking breast form without compromising on weight. Fitters have told us they want an easy fitting form that makes their customers feel more like themselves again. Amoena has an answer to both: Introducing Natura Cosmetic Breast Form.

Thin layer of standard silicone covers the cup side: 
Looks natural in a bra, even the sheerest bra.


Reduced weight, InTouch soft silicone on the inside combined
with the natural front layer:
Makes the form move and feel like a natural breast


Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology integrated into the reduced weight silicone: 
reduces perspiration for ultimate comfort all day long.


Clear gel back: 
Hugs the chest wall and is comfortable to sensitive skin and scar areas


Like our full range of breast forms, Natura Cosmetic Breast Form gives you a silhouette you’ll love, so you can get back to the things you love to do.
Natura Cosmetic looks natural in our sheerest bras - like the one in the video, or in our Seduction Lingerie collection, and fits easily in the built-in pocketed bras of our fashion collections, like Leisure wear.

It’s only natural to want to feel normal after breast surgery. If you’ve had a lumpectomy, reconstruction, or multiple biopsies--or are just naturally uneven - achieving perfect symmetry may not be possible without a little help.  

Balance partial shaper breast forms fit in a regular or pocketed bra and fill in uneven areas to give you a balanced silhouette for the most natural appearance.We have what you need to soften and contour your shape, just like it was before surgery.