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Fitting Guide  - Lingerie & Swimwear

Fitting Guide - Lingerie


It is important to measure yourself or visit a certified fit specialist each time you are considering purchasing a new bra they can recommend the bra with the right features for you.

Remember, your bra size can change due to age, diet or exercise, so it is important to have your fit checked regularly.


How to Measure Bra Size

To determine your bra size, follow the instructions shown below:


Band Size (underbust)

mastectomy Bra Fitting Instructions

First measure from the middle of your chest, underneath the remaining breast to the centre of your spine ( A). 

Double this measurement to get your band size (this is the ‘underbust’ measurement shown on the picture).


Cup Size (overbust)

mastectomy bra and swimwear measuring guide

Now measure from the middle of your chest to the centre of your spine, but this time over the fullest part of your remaining breast (B).

Double this figure to get your overbust measurement.


Bra Measuring Example:

Band size: Measurement equals 37cm. 37 x 2 = 74 cm - band size is 74 cm.

Cup size: The measurement is 45 cm. 45 x 2 = 90 cm - cup size is 90 cm

Bra size: 74 cm underbust and 90 cm overbust, gives a bra size of 34B


Use the chart below to find your correct bra size

How to Measure Mastectomy Bra Size  chart for the UK in cm and inch


Your Certified Bra Fitter

The importance of a good fit can’t be stressed enough; you probably know that many women wear the wrong size bra and that every brand fits differently. It’s really all about the band.

Following bilateral surgery, women often wear a bra band size that is far too small, thinking that having it very tight will help it stay in place even without breast tissue. But if the band size is too small, the shoulder straps will also be too small, the cups will be in the wrong position on the body, and the bra will “ride up.”


Amoena retailers have fitters with the training and experience to help you avoid discomfort. We encourage you to rely on their fitting services – think of it as having your own personal wardrobe consultant. Visit our Store Locator to search for a fitter near you.


Fitting Guide - Swimwear


Amoena swimsuits and bikinis are sized to correspond with your typical dress size. To ensure the best fit possible, they are available in different cup sizes. Most styles are available in either a B- or C-cup fitting, with a smaller selection available in A and D fittings.

A swimsuit with pocketed cups gives you peace of mind if you like to stay fit with water sports. It isn’t uncommon for swimmers without bra pockets to watch their breast forms swim away, which obviously can be both embarrassing and frustrating.

Note that the Contact - adhesive breast form can be worn during swimming and water activities, although the adhesion might be limited because of water or perspiration. It will not be damaged by salt or chlorine but should be washed with Amoena Soft Cleanser soon after being worn in the water.

A great place to start is with a personal bra fitting at an Amoena retail shop – our certified mastectomy fitters can measure your bra size properly and recommend swimwear with special features that addresses your body’s unique needs while keeping your breast form – or our versatile  Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form – securely in place.

If you are unable to find a swimsuit in the size you require, or would like help selecting a suitable size, please do call our helpline on 0845 434 7334 for advice.


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