Secret Summer Lingerie

Invisible, but not inconspicuous! 

Summer at last, and the thick pullovers, quilted jackets and heavy trousers that we were wrapped up in when temperatures were in the minuses are all forgotten; it’s now the season for soft, silky fabrics that play about our skin and make it easier to enjoy hot temperatures. 

Smart summer dresses, cool white trousers, fantastic fashion tops… but what to do if an unsightly bra is visible under the fab new summer look? What can we do if it always seems to be pinching and tweaking and showing unattractive lines under the close-fitting top we’ve just bought? 

Nothing spoils a good-looking outfit more easily than poorly fitting underwear: it’s often a case of getting what's underneath right before what's on top can shine. 

At Amoena, we've collected a few tips for how you can cause a sensation – both underneath and on top: 

Tip1: underwear in the right size

"Oh, I always get an 80 C, that always seems to fit somehow…” –  no more of that! Professional advice from an underwear shop that you trust can often works wonders; what you once thought was a poorly fitting 80 C might well be a perfect 75 D.

This quick test that you can do on yourself will show you if you need a size consultation:

  • shake your top half; does your bust overflow slightly over the bra?
  • rear view – does the bra band pull up slightly?
  • view from the top –  does the bra pull away between your breasts?

If you answer yes to these questions, get going to the next lingerie shop. You will be delighted at how much better you can get your girls to look!

Tip2: underwear in the right colour

e.g. our  Lara bra

The summer classic for invisible underwear is of course “nude”, the professional term for “skin-coloured”. If you don’t want your pink bra to be noticeable under a white blouse, the discreet nude version is a better choice. White bra under a black top? Not a problem in theory, but depending on how closely woven the fabric is, you should remember that something might show through here. The material is important too: lace tends to leap out under fine fabrics. If in doubt, keep smooth, basic bras in the most common colours (nude, white, black) at hand - this will save you a panic in front of the wardrobe. 

Tip3: looking too good to hide!

 Sometimes “invisible” is the last thing you want and your underwear is a crucial part of the outfit: e.g. coloured lace peeking out from a low-cut top, coloured straps making a nice contrast to a shoulderless tank top etc . And even if you can’t see anything thanks to opaque clothing, extravagant underwear gives the wearer a more confident, almost regal bearing – try it out! You will be astounded at the transformation…

Tip 4: The details matter!

 We love the different cuts available in the summer, like halter tops and spaghetti-strap dresses. However, regular bra straps look out of place with these types of tops – more to the point, they’re not pretty. We should all have a bra with changeable or transparent straps like our Lea bra. This small detail definitely gives your look that certain something!


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