Click & Reserve


Click & Reserve is a unique opportunity for you to connect with local Amoena retailers risk-free. The program gives you the ability to shop online, place an order, then have that order shipped directly to the selected Amoena retailer in the area; at NO COST to you. The idea of Click & Reserve is to help create a seamless, convenient online shopping experience with personal attention at its core.

How It Works:
You visit and shop for lingerie, clothing, accessories, and more; you add your desired products to your bag and proceed to checkout. In the checkout window you choose “Click & Reserve,” then choose the retailer destination and complete the order. Amoena will ship the order to the chosen retailer. Once the order has arrived, you will receive an email which alerts you that your order has arrived. You must visit the retailer to try on and complete the order purchase process. If you choose not to purchase any or all of the products ordered, you may simply leave them with the retailer and the retailer will complete the return process back to Amoena.

Benefits to You:

  • Risk-Free order placement
  • Builds a personal relationship with your local retailer
  • Only pay for what you want to keep
  • No-hassle return process
  • Online shopping convenience

Amoena understands the importance of building relationships, and with Click & Reserve we can now help you to build a relationship with your local Amoena fitter.