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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, Of the non-attachable, delta, partial...


Hello, Of the non-attachable, delta, partial shapers, which are the thickest? Does it run thin, medium and volume for increasing thickness? Thank you.


Yes,Yes, and Yes.  The Balance Form Collection has different thicknesses to offer you the needed option to fill-in space where needed for remaining breast tissue.  I have attached a link for additional Shaper and Balance information.

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I ordered a delta 222 but received a delta ...


I ordered a delta 222 but received a delta Balance Natura 220. What is the difference between these two styles?


The Natura Delta Balance Shaper 222 has more volume thickness which fills your bra cup with a little more volume (V) in the center, then the 220 shaper.

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Im in the process of breast reconstruction, ...


Im in the process of breast reconstruction, after that is completed, my very large remaining breast will be reduced. Is their a breast form with extremely large volume that could help give me some symmetry? Thank you


Yes, Amoena offers very large size breast forms and balance breast form to help with symmetry. Currently, Amoena does not sell partials or breast forms online; they are only sold at the retailer level, because we understand the importance of getting the right fit. We offer product information for all our breast forms so that consumers are aware about their product options. Please visit our website to find a retailer in your area that would be happy to assist you with fitting and purchasing an Amoena breast form.

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Balance Natura Volume Delta 222 Breast Shaper - Ivory

Order Code: VD222
  • For Pricing & Availability Click 'Find A Retailer'
  • Balance Natura Volume Delta - our partial shaper in a rounded triangle shape (2SN), designed to fit closely to the body
  • Features patented integrated Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology (made by Outlast®) that helps reduce perspiration behind the form for all day, every day comfort
  • The Volume thickness fills your bra cup with a little more volume (V) in the center, to give you a flawless silhouette
  • Symmetrical, triangular shell for use following lumpectomy or breast reconstruction
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Amoena Balance breast shapers offer a non-surgical solution for women experiencing asymmetry after a lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery), reconstruction, multiple biopsies, and even naturally. A comprehensive portfolio of shapes, styles, and thicknesses provide several fitting options and the tapered edges match her curves to appear invisible in a bra. The Natura Volume Delta has more volume in the center to fill the bra cup.


3/4 - 9/10


PU-Film, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material


Amoena Balance symmetry shapers restore breast shape and body symmetry. They are worn inside the bra and are curved to match the body shape, filling the cup perfectly. Even though after breast-conserving surgery or reconstruction balanced breasts may not always seem necessary from a medical perspective, this aspect is extremely important for peace of mind and confidence. The Amoena Balance range of symmetry shapers is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses so that every woman can feel self-assured in every situation. Thanks to constant extensions and enhancements, the Amoena Balance line is always up-to-date with the latest surgery methods. However, Amoena Balance symmetry shapers are not just for women who have had breast-conserving surgery; they are ideal for any woman who has naturally uneven breasts and who would like a more symmetrical shape.

Key benefits

  • Delta Partial Breast Shaper : Triangular shaped partial providing additional fullness and a smooth shape across the whole breast.
  • Oval Partial Breast Shaper : Oval shaped partial breast form with tappered underarm extension - ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra.
  • Varia Partial Breast Shaper : Versatile elliptical shape with even thickness, can be positioned anywhere on the breast.

Shipping charges are as follows :

Option Price Approx. time
Standard $6.95 or FREE on orders over $50  3-5 working days.
Express $19.95 Order before 3pm EST & delivered within 2 - 3 days

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