Perfect your shape!

Girl, we can easily hide your (very few) imperfections, trust us.

When you have a business event, a party or you just want to feel perfectly in shape every day -- Amoena has a few perfect lingerie solutions for the places where we women sometimes need a little help! 

And let’s be honest -- we all know that the celebrities wear body shapers! If they can do this, so can we! 

More comfortable than shapewear 

Poorly fit bras can cause you to look lumpy-bumpy in the back. So distracting! Make sure it doesn't happen again with a back-smoothing mastectomy bra like Magdalena. Not only does it make you flawless back there, it's wire-free and comfortable. Plus, our customers say it helps maintain better posture, too (read the reviews)!

Do you like to wear slim-line pants and tops but don’t always feel that comfortable? 

Try a high waist brief. It shapes your figure just a little, just where you need it. And it's a sexy, retro look you'll love.