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In Print

Reader poetry and artwork to inspire you

We are always inspired by your creativity – from heartfelt poetry to ‘how to’-style manuals for getting through breast cancer treatment – and these pages are dedicated to all those who have put pen to paper for the entertainment and enlightenment of others. 

Please read and enjoy – and do keep on sending us your poetry, prose and books for review! 

Poet's Corner 


'Tell It Like It Is' 

Come on then Cancer, you do your worst 
If you think you'll get me with your nasty curse
I'll have the treatment, side effects too
Mouth ulcers, sickness and sometimes can't poo 

But if you think I'm weak, then please be prepared
You've got the wrong person if you think I'm scared
I'm gonna beat you, you will not win
I will control you, you're in the bin 

Friends who ignore me, or just disappear
They can't handle you, I guess it's called Fear
They don't know what to say, so say nothing at all
Please, pick up the phone, just text me or call 

I am not contagious, it's not like the flu
If I make a joke, join in, just be you
Family and friends to start with are sad
Shocked that you got me cos you're known as bad 

I guess the novelty wears off, now it's gone
They did their bit, now they're moving on
Good friends are few, it's true what they say They keep in touch, day after day

So people I ask, please don't let me go You're in my phone, it's you who I know Don't ever think you'll speak out of turn This will make us stronger, and from that we can learn 

Now with my party planning head on It gives me a purpose, I have to be strong To plan for the future cos I am still young For all of my life, I'm gonna have fun!!


in print --Kathy Vance