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Future Dreams

Double the love with the Melissa Odabash Confidence Collection

Beautiful things happen when the world’s leading breast care brand collaborates with the world’s leading swimwear designer.

The Louise One Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit

Five years ago, Amoena teamed up with high-end designer Melissa Odabash, whose styles have been hailed by British Vogue as the ‘Ferrari's of Swimwear’, to create a range of pocketed swimwear for women who have had breast surgery.  The Confidence Collection helps raise funds for the well-known breast cancer charity Future Dreams, with a portion of every sale going directly to the charity.

Melissa Odabash knows a thing or two about swimwear, having been a swimwear model before turning her hand to design. Developed to sculpt and enhance the silhouette, her timeless pieces are must-haves for the distinguished global traveller. She has been credited with ‘re-introducing high fashion into the swimwear world’ and her name has come to epitomise the glamour and sophistication of a luxury lifestyle brand.

Her determination to make a difference stems from seeing first-hand how her beach-loving sister Jamie struggled to relax and enjoy family holidays after a mastectomy.  “Choosing swimwear that makes you feel fabulous on the beach is a challenge for most women” explains the award-winning designer.  “Once you add the complications of going through breast cancer surgery, many despair of ever feeling comfortable and confident again.”

Melissa fine-tuned her designs with a panel of four women who have been through the illness.  “They came to my workshop and I said, ‘Ladies let’s get naked so I can see.’  They tried on everything and weren’t the least bit embarrassed, especially as I told them I have seen about a billion ladies naked.   I kept tweaking the design and sending them back and forth to my muses and to the factory until they were right.

Once Melissa has made the visual design and colourways, Amoena’s design specialists incorporate all of their post-surgery fitting experiences.  This ensures that the swimwear not only looks fantastic, but also has all the built-in technology that is needed to keep a breast form or shaper securely in place.

The great thing about partnering with Amoena is their broad audience and worldwide distribution - it’s amazing”, says Melissa.  “They’re specialists, and they’ve interpreted my designs in a structural way to help a lot of women who are all different but who, at the end of the day, just want to feel great.” 

All for a good cause

As well as ensuring women feel confident in their swimwear, this special collection also raises vital funds for breast cancer charity Future Dreams. Melissa provides her time and her designs free of charge and Amoena donates 30% of net proceeds from sales of the collection to the charity to help them fund support, awareness and research into secondary breast cancer, which makes a huge difference to a lot of women.  Now in our fifth year, our collaboration has so far raised over £200,000 for Future Dreams.

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