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Dana Mjuk BH

Dana Mjuk BH - Vit

Beställningsnummer: 0862-80E
  • Mjuk BH med infälld spets
  • Formpressade kupor ger en Mjuk silhuett
  • Bra under urringade plagg
Vit (Vald)

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Dana har en mjuk infälld dpets mellan kuporna för att dölja lite mer. Den är tillverkad i en mjuk micro jaquard. Den formpressade kuporna ger en snygg form på bysten.


70-90 AA; 70-100 A, B, C; 75-95 D, E


87% Polyamid, 13% Elastan





Amoena pocketed bras are not only designed to be beautiful but are also engineered with specific features to ensure your comfort and confidence -- things like underwire that doesn't poke and cooling fabrics for all-day performance.

Our 40-year history of listening to women makes us experts in bra design after breast surgery, and we design with you in mind. Comfortable, adjustable straps to relieve your shoulders, pockets to hold your breast form securely in place, cups that are cut to follow the shape of the breast form, wider underbands to provide a little extra support, and other technical details you won't notice, but you will appreciate.

De främsta fördelarna

  • Shoulder straps support your breast form without putting any strain on the shoulders. Some styles and sizes have wider, padded comfort straps that taper for optimal support.
  • Discreet, multi-option pockets to will hold your breast form securely in place, so it won't slip out or show over the top of the cup. Made from ultra-fine or microfiber fabric which is shaped to fit perfectly into the bra cup, and soft to the touch.
  • Amoena's range includes both wired and non-wired bra styles. Our flex-comfort underwires are specially designed to follow the curve of your breast form, providing gentle support without putting pressure on your breast form or scar area.
  • Amoena bras can be worn by all women - whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.


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