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Sports Bra

This is just like my previous sports bras from before my mastectomy - so nice to feel and look normal again! Comfortable & supportive & looks the part. Also not too revealing like a lot of sports bras!


Snygg och skön. Oväntat stor i storlek; jag kunde klarat mig med en mindre storlek än XL , och då har jag ändå ca 48 i kläder

Sports Bra

Very secure and comfortable, has hooks and eyes as well as a zip fastening.

zipper top

This is high enough not to gape and is suitable for anyone who has had surgery or limited arm mobility. Would definitely recommend. I bought this in the sale but would buy another at full price if I needed one.

Bunching of zip with activity

On first wearing it was fine but I spent most of the day on my laptop, but next day gardening.. a lot of bending and stretching and I found the zip bunched up because it has a rigidity to it and could be seen through clothing. Disappointing.

Zipper Bra 44070

Produkten är fantastiskt bra, snygg, funktionell och lätt att ta på och av. Jag fick mycket bra hjälp av Isabelle m fl när jag beställde behån på telefon. Tack för fin service och jättesnabb leverans

Great quality sports bras - black color

Amazing quality, supportive & fit is great. The zipper/front clasps on the guarantee it will not open during a workoit. The band is wide doesnt dig in & helps my posture too. I wish I could adjust the strap length, but still I'll repurchase.

Rozmiar: fantastyczne dopasowanie
Wygoda: super! wygodny
Wsparcie: świetnie wspierający
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Colour range

This bra is so comfortable I wore it out of the store. The only thing I don’t like is the colour. I would buy white and skin tone if they were available.

Rozmiar: fantastyczne dopasowanie
Wygoda: super! wygodny
Wsparcie: świetnie wspierający
Czy poleciłbyś ten produkt? Nie
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Très déçue

Je suis très déçue par le produit. La taille est trop juste et la bande large sous la poitrine ne reste pas en place et le tissu roule. Désagréable. Ce soutien-gorge ne me convient pas.

Rozmiar: nieodpowiedni
Wygoda: niewygodny
Wsparcie: mało wspierający
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Good quality but odd fit

Before my mastectomy, I was a 38 C. I ordered a size M just before surgery knowing that I would be a 38 C/D afterwards. The fit was a little loose, which was great as I anticipated some swelling. Two weeks post-op, I couldn’t even get it on! I then ordered a L and found it was way too big. Further, there is a zipper and hooks. This surprised me as it wasn’t made apparent in the title or photos. The quality of the material is nice but the zipper constantly gets stuck on the little cover upon removal. I would not recommend this bra as a post-surgical solution. It’s too complicated and no room for sizing adjustments as straps do not allow.

Rozmiar: nieodpowiedni
Wygoda: wygodny
Wsparcie: odpowiednio wspierający
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Zipper - biustonosz sportowy - czarny

Numer artykułu: 44070
  • biustonosz o średniej kompresji, z łączonymi ramiączkami na plecach, odpowiedni do różnego rodzaju sportów, od jogi do jazdy na rowerze
  • kieszonki uszyte z delikatnej mikrofibry utrzymują protezę piersi lub nakładkę w odpowiednim miejscu
  • ukryte pod zamkiem haftki zapewniają dodatkowe wsparcie i bezpieczeństwo
  • opuszczenie zamka błyskawicznego zabezpiecza przed rozsunięciem
  • obustronne kieszonki


Nowy, sportowy biustonosz od Amoena. Kolekcja Active została uzupełniona o biustonosz o średnim wsparciu, zapinany z przodu na suwak. Biustonosz nie posiada fiszbin, wykończony jest półokrągłym dekoltem, a ramiączka łączą się z tyłu w jeden szeroki pas. Łatwy w założeniu i zdejmowaniu. Biustonosz wyposażony jest w kieszonki, które utrzymają protezę piersi bądź nakładkę w odpowiednim miejscu. Bez względu na to jaki rodzaj sportu uprawiasz, ten biustonosz stanie się Ci niezbędnym akcesorium.


S, M, L, XL


82% Micro nylon, 18% elastan


Amoena pocketed bras are not only designed to be beautiful but are also engineered with specific features to ensure your comfort and confidence -- things like underwire that doesn't poke and cooling fabrics for all-day performance.

Our 40-year history of listening to women makes us experts in bra design after breast surgery, and we design with you in mind. Comfortable, adjustable straps to relieve your shoulders, pockets to hold your breast form securely in place, cups that are cut to follow the shape of the breast form, wider underbands to provide a little extra support, and other technical details you won't notice, but you will appreciate.

Kluczowe zalety

  • Shoulder straps support your breast form without putting any strain on the shoulders. Some styles and sizes have wider, padded comfort straps that taper for optimal support.
  • Discreet, multi-option pockets too will hold your breast form securely in place, so it won't slip out or show over the top of the cup. Made from ultra-fine or microfibre fabric which is shaped to fit perfectly into the bra cup, and soft to the touch.
  • Amoena's range includes both wired and non-wired bra styles. Our flex-comfort underwires are specially designed to follow the curve of your breast form, providing gentle support without putting pressure on your breast form or scar area.
  • Amoena bras can be worn by all women - whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.