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Amoena pocketed bras are not only designed to be beautiful but are also engineered with specific features to ensure your comfort and confidence -- things like underwire that doesn't poke and cooling fabrics for all-day performance.

Our 40-year history of listening to women makes us experts in bra design after breast surgery, and we design with you in mind. Comfortable, adjustable straps to relieve your shoulders, pockets to hold your breast form securely in place, cups that are cut to follow the shape of the breast form, wider underbands to provide a little extra support, and other technical details you won't notice, but you will appreciate.

Kluczowe zalety

  • Shoulder straps support your breast form without putting any strain on the shoulders. Some styles and sizes have wider, padded comfort straps that taper for optimal support.
  • Discreet, multi-option pockets too will hold your breast form securely in place, so it won't slip out or show over the top of the cup. Made from ultra-fine or microfibre fabric which is shaped to fit perfectly into the bra cup, and soft to the touch.
  • Amoena's range includes both wired and non-wired bra styles. Our flex-comfort underwires are specially designed to follow the curve of your breast form, providing gentle support without putting pressure on your breast form or scar area.
  • Amoena bras can be worn by all women - whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.

Magdalena - biustonosz bez fiszbin - beżowy

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  • szeroki tył i boki zapewniają wygodę i ukrywają niedoskonałości figury
  • profilowane kieszonki z mikrofibry
  • wygodne miękkie szerokie ramiączka
  • regulowane elastyczne ramiączka, dzięki którym biustonosz stabilnie podtrzymuje większy biust
  • obustronne kieszonki


Biustonosz o wzmocnionej tylnej części, dla kobiet o pełnej figurze. Zapewnia gładną linię pleców i z powodzeniem może być noszony przez Panie z wiekszym biustem. Nie odcina się pod obcisłymi bluzkami i t-shirtami.


75 - 110 B, C, D, E, F


54% poliamid, 24% elastan, 22% poliester

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Magdalena mjuk BH

En BH som jag är mycket nöjd med. Protesen ligger bra i kupan som är mjuk men ändå stabil.

either works for you or doesn't

low sides&double fabric in cups-I couldn't get to lie smoothly.lovely slinky shiny fabric.normal bra strap style. great access into/out of pockets.shaped under cup support where wire would go.5 hook back on fabric like stretchy support wear

Very comfortable, great bra for plus size ladies.

This is a very comfortable bra. The band is so soft I hardly notice I'm wearing a bra. I wear a 44C, and it fits perfectly. I have a size 10 breast form on the left, and a size 10 shaper on the right. In my size, the bra has five hooks on the rear closure. The wide design makes it back-smoothing. The breast forms tend to drift inward throughout the day and make the breasts look too close together. It isn't noticeable under a blouse, but it is under a t-shirt. But the fact that it is so comfortable makes up for that.

Rozmiar: fantastyczne dopasowanie
Wygoda: super! wygodny
Wsparcie: świetnie wspierający
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Glad to find a soft cup bra in DDD

Nicely made and easy fit. I was not as happy with the stiff band under chest as it seemed to bite, especially under my own breast, and the inside liner for the form was a bit too large so creased against the soft cup showing with some tops. I would buy again. Excellent value because this size is very difficult to find in a soft bra.

Rozmiar: fantastyczne dopasowanie
Wygoda: bardzo wygodny
Wsparcie: świetnie wspierający
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Great bra

Bought it for the second time as I lost weight. First one bought when they first came out, although I don't use it anymore as it doesn't fit me, I still have it. Would recommend this to anyone. Great bra!!!

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