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Melissa Odabash Designer Swimwear with Amoena

Amoena’s expertise, Melissa’s designs: It’s a match made in heaven for swimwear

Melissa Odabash Designer Swimwear with Amoena

Melissa Odabash 2017 Swimwear Collection in Partnership with Amoena

Early in 2016, we teamed up with high-end swimwear designer Melissa Odabash to create a range of designer pocketed swimwear for women who have had breast cancer surgery.

The capsule collection, which arrives in stores in February 2017, will help raise funds for well-known breast cancer charity Future Dreams, with a portion of every sale going directly to the charity. Our three entities are #UnitedByDesign to benefit women everywhere with comfortable, fashionable swimwear.

Four of Melissa Odabash’s best-selling swimsuit designs underwent a careful review by Amoena’s technicians. Rereleased with our signature comfort and support features, they will be available* along with a coordinating kaftan, at this participating Amoena retailer in Norway:


Lise’s Hemmelighet, Storgaten 21 

Tlf.: 92016115


Kaja AS – det lille under, Langgata 42

Tlf.: 91805571


Netty AS, Olav Kyrresgate 39



Lille Lone AS, Strandgaten 65

Tlf.:97 40 14 87


Medi Nor AS, Skippergata 16 

Tlf.:77 68 49 61


Guni AS, Sjøgata 16-18

Tlf.:75 17 27 77


Aandahls Eftf. AS, Storgata 35

Tlf: 71 20 52 00


Mimosa OBI, Ullernschaussèen 66

Tlf.:22 14 22 22


Inspired by the beautifully brave

The pocketed swimwear styles in this collection are a celebration of the women who are so beautifully brave when they face breast cancer, inspiring us all. Our way to honor them, particularly the women of Future Dreams, was to name the swimsuit styles after them. So they are: 

  • Jacquie, TV personality, mother of three, and our survivor model; 
  • Joanna and Selena, two active Future Dreams survivor ambassadors; and
  • Sylvie and Danielle, the organization’s mother and daughter founders, who dreamed of a future free of cancer, but both sadly passed away from it within 14 months of each other in 2009-’10. Their legacy continues in the organization’s efforts today.


Watch our behind the scenes video to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection:


We’re driven by design, and more importantly, by the wish to support every woman on this journey. We aim to offer her renewed body confidence which is incredibly important for her recovery and well-being.


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*Choice and sizes may differ in the shops