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40 Things We Love

40 Things we love at Amoena and think you will love too

Over the years the list of things we’ve come to love and appreciate at Amoena has become quite extensive to say the least. So now, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we thought we would see if we could narrow it down to just 40. 

As word got out we were creating a list, Amoena employees around the world got in touch with us to tell us what they love the most too. As the list began to grow, it became clear that there are some things we all simply can’t do without. 

We can never list everything, so here (in no particular order) are just 40 things we love. Who knows, you might find something new to love here too… 

40 things we love at amoena

The best things in life really ARE free…

You don’t need us to tell you just how amazing these are. 

1. Family and friends 

2. Animals and pets 

3. Deep breathing 

4. Being around water 

5. Laughing 

6. Hugging 

7. Flowers and plants 

8. Being outdoors 

9. Smiling 

10. Singing & dancing 


Products with benefits 

11. Argan oil

It’s a great moisturizer and hair conditioner but did you know that argan oil can reduce the appearance of scars too? If that wasn’t enough to get you excited it also has anti-aging qualities, can reduce inflammation, soothe pain and increase the healing rate of skin. 

12. Dry skin brushing

This will benefit your entire body and stimulate your lymphatic system. It’s a great exfoliator, increases circulation, reduces cellulite, calms your body and mind, improves your digestion and kidney function too. If nothing else, it just feels really good! 

13. Flasks and water bottles

Whether you’re going for a run, walk or sitting at your desk, water bottles and flasks are great for keeping your favourite drinks hot or cold and close to hand wherever you go. 

14. Colourful compression sleeves

If you need to wear a compression sleeve and are looking for something a bit different then look no further. An absolutely stunning selection of super-soft, moisture wicking compression sleeves await you. 

Juzo’s Dream Sleeves 

Pebble UK 


15. Aromatic and herbal baths

A wonderful and versatile way to give your mind and body a short but effective time out. Enjoy a warm bath with a good book, candles or some soothing music and allow your aches and pains to drift away, leaving you feeling great and smelling simply divine. 

16. Medical alert bracelets

If you’ve had any lymph nodes removed then medical bracelets from the ID Band Company are for you, and because they’re made of silicone, you can wear them anywhere. 

17. Rebounder/Trampoline

A quick, easy and incredibly enjoyable way to keep fit and stay healthy in the comfort of your own home. Rebounding will not only boost your lymphatic drainage, oxygen levels and immune function but improve your digestion, muscle tone and aid balance. It is also more than twice as effective as running and doesn’t put any stress on your joints! Here’s a really good DVD to get you going every morning. 

18. Step counter

Step-counters give you credit for every step you take toward your health. The sophisticated ones also track calories burned, sleep, heart rate and sync with your other devices! Plenty to choose from in looks from sporty to high-end accessories.


This one was a hard one to narrow down as there are just too many to choose from but these ones, we felt, had a lot to offer in very different ways. 

19. Top 100 Immunity Boosters - Charlotte Haigh

Eat well today for a healthier tomorrow! With proper nutrition, we can actually bolster our immune system—and, as these 100 recipes prove, it’s not only easy to do, it’s also delicious. 

20. Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor - Kris Carr

Reaffirms that it is possible to live a real, fun, crazy, sexy life - with cancer. Kris shares her wit and wisdom on everything from food and exercise to make-up, meditation, spirituality, dreams, planning for today (and the future), and much, much more. 

21. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect.

22. Anti-cancer diet - Dr David Servan-Schreiber

This is not a biology textbook, but a practical, insightful and individual guide that will allow you to make the best choices for your own health and well-being. 

Inspiration, information, entertainment, help and advice…

23. The internet

Now a huge part of all our lives we often wonder how we ever did without it. Bridging those miles, filling the void, enhancing our lives and enriching our minds. The internet has brought us love, joy, music, movies and much, much, more, allowing us to get connected, stay informed and share our lives and those special moments with anyone and everyone. 

24. LYLAC 

It’s hard to understand why when the surgery and treatment is over we’re not celebrating, moving on and simply getting on with our lives. Live Your Life After Cancer is a unique life coaching service specifically designed to help you adjust and adapt to a new way of being. 

25. Look Good Feel Better 

This is an international charity dedicated to improving the self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing of those undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer, with free group and self-help skincare and make-up classes that create a sense of support, confidence, and wellbeing. This is one workshop you do not want to miss out on! 

26. Cancer support groups

The medical profession are there for your physical journey, cancer support groups are there for your emotional one. Quite simply, they are worth their weight in gold. Full of useful advice and information, you can drop in for a chat, make an appointment for an alternative therapy treatment such as reiki, have a massage or simply just “be” (away from the world outside, safe in the knowledge that those around you understand, and are there to offer help and support on every level). Use google to find a support group near to you (if you haven’t already), and enter a world where your wellbeing always comes first. 

Eat Me! Drink Me!… 

Nutritious and delicious. The health benefits of these natural beverages are massive and quite simply too huge to list. Whether you buy ones off the shelf or want to create your own, sit back and indulge your senses and let your body feel the benefits, whilst your hair and skin show the results. 

27. Juices & smoothies 

28. Eat your veggies 

29. Detox tea 

30. Lemon water 

Have you tried? 

31. Reiki 

When you’re in pain what do you do? You naturally soothe yourself with your hands. This is the power of reiki at work. By using our hands we are transferring and focusing healing energy from one person to another. We do this when we hold hands, hug, or give someone a pat on the back. Reiki is a natural, simple and powerful practice anyone can learn to help themselves and others. 

32. Vision boards

Dream big and shop for your future with a vision board. The theory is, you can manifest the life you want for yourself by creating a vision board and then looking at it every day. Watch the video to find out how to get started. 

33. Being grounded/earthed 

Anyone can do this, it’s easy and it’s also free. All you need to do is take your shoes off and connect with the earth. When you’re grounded you can reduce inflammation, pain and stress, enhance circulation, accelerate tissue repair and wound healing, whilst increasing your energy levels and improving the quality of your sleep. 

Hey Good Looking…

Sometimes we just need a bit of retail therapy! Whether it’s from the comfort of our own homes or in town with friends - making a day of it and catching up on everyone’s news over lunch. 

34. Shoes & boots 

35. Clothes 

36. Make-up 

Naughty but nice… 

We can’t be good all the time and why should we! 

37. Chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets and every kind of tasty treat… 

We are passionate about what we do too…

38. Amoena Life Magazine

A magazine full of beautiful clothing, real-life stories, delicious recipes and wellness tips we hope you'll love just as much as we do and that you too will want to share. 

39. Amoena Lara Bra 

Whether you’ve had breast surgery or not the Lara bra is simply gorgeous and incredibly stylish. It really is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. 

40. Seductive Lingerie

You are beautiful, desirable and undeniably sexy. Our seductive lingerie is designed to hug your curves, so that you not only look incredible but you feel it too. 

What do you love most? Share your loves with us on facebook…