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So Useful

I have found this very useful in the recent hot weather to wear at home

premium priform breast form

I wear this in my pyjamas and it remains very comfortable during the night. Good value for shape

Jag är så nöjd..

Jag är så nöjd med denna produkt,är så mjuk mot hu

Essential post surgery

I needed a spare post surgery, very comfortable and smooth silhouette

Premium Priform Breast Form - Ivory

Very comfortable to wear at home.

True to Size: fantastic fit
Comfort: very comfortable
Support: great support
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Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to order a pri form breast form. can't ...


I want to order a pri form breast form. can't figure out size because my existing Amoena Essential Delux Light 3e is listed as size 4 L. how does that translate since I don't see that size on the chart provided on the form.


Some breast forms are L or R and this is the letter denoted at the end, the number is the size, so you would require a size 4

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Premium Priform Breast Form - Ivory

Order Code: 216
  • Ideal solution to restore silhouette during healing and before being ready for a permanent silicone breast form
  • Temporary breast form designed for use immediatley after breast surgery and during times of leisure
  • Filled with lightweight fiberfill which can be added or removed to adjust volume to desired size
  • Breathable cotton back layer and is gentle to the skin
  • Comes with additional fibrefill
  • Moulded cup design offers a soft, seamless shape in the pocket of an Amoena post-surgical bra or camisole


This soft, comfortable temporary breast form is designed for use immediatley after breast surgery and during leisure time.It can be worn in the pocket of any Amoena post-surgical bra until replaced by a silicone breast form after her scars heal.

Use our breast form fitting guide to see what size/shape of breast form would be best suited for you based on your bra size.




Front: 100% Polyester
Back: 100% Cotton


Amoena Recovery Care products are designed to meet the specific needs of women immediately following breast surgery, in the hospital, and after returning home.

Key benefits

  • Moulded fabric leisure form
  • For use immediately following breast surgery
  • Helps main your outward appearance without rubbing or irritating sensitive scar tissue
  • Can also be used as a leisure form, when relaxing, sleeping or even for swimming.