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Mona Non-wired Bra
Cecilia Toone

This is the fourth Mona bra I have ordered since my mastectomy 2 and a half years ago . It is light and comfortable and gives me a good shape. I prefer White bras but have found the white one to become rather grey despite very careful laundering.

Very pleased
Christine Stevenson

I can understand why this bra is very popular, it is lovely and soft and very comfortable, the only downside for me is the shoulder straps could be a little longer for extra adjustment, other than that it's a winner for me.

Favourite style
Sandra Waller

I've been buying Mona bras for long time as they are so comfortable to wear and the wider straps give excellent support. I particularly like that they give a smooth look when wearing fitted tops.

Mona Non-wired Soft Bra
Margaret Bradley

what a great Bra! Really comfortable, soft yet supportive, and washes well. The wider straps mean less pressure on aching shoulders! The deeper band under arms is so comfy and has helped with fluid retention. thank you.

Mona Non-wired Soft Bra

Having ordered three of these bras over time, they remain the most comfortable post-surgery bras I have tried.

Mona soft wired bra
Bridget Wood

Absolute gem, fits every time and I know I will look good as well. Good confidence booster!!

Highly recommended.

This bra is very comfortable. Just right for my needs. Highly recommended.

Mona non wired soft bra

I love this bra, it is so comfortable with it's broad straps, I have never been tempted to try another design. Amoena is very efficient with It's delivery service

Mona non wired soft bra

I love this bra, it is so comfortable with it's broad straps, I have never been tempted to try another design. Amoena is very efficient with It's delivery service

Beautiful fit

Ever since I had a mastectomy I have used this bra. Over the years I have needed to reduce the size and cup size but I can always rely on a good fit.

So comfortable

This is such a fantastic bra. It has high sides which makes it very comfortable and has the added benefit of hiding my mastectomy scar. I would love this in a natural/skin colour.

so comfortable

This bra is very comfortable, and keeps the prosthetic in place perfectly. Not the most glamorous that Amoena sells, but I'm all for comfort at my age! It's also very soft and fits well

Mona for me

I have just received an order for 3 bras, one being the Mona, which I have ordered in the past. The other 2 were lovely but did not give me the perfect fit that the Mona did, so will stay with Mona ad infinitum.


Är en av mina favoriter. Har den i både vit och svart.

Comfy Bra!

This is the first time I have purchased a Mona bra. I have found it to be the most comfortable bra I have ever worn! I shall certainly be buying another one in the near future.

Love it

I was struggling to find a bra that felt comfortable enough to wear all day. I sent for this after reading the positive reviews and wasn't disappointed. I feel and look like myself again.

Mjuk och bekväm

Så ska en bh sitta

Mona Non-wired Soft Bra

Good fit, very comfortable, I will certainly be buying more of these lovely bras. Delivered in 2 days.

Très agréable à porter

Très beau soutien-gorge, confortable Existe en plusieurs coloris ; je l'ai acheté en blanc et en champagne.

Jätteskön BH
Gunilla Karlernäs

Har flera stycken av denna BH. Köper i princip bara denna modell.


This is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned and worn, probably been wearing the wrong size for years and now with the prosthesis I actually forget I have had surgery. Thank you Amoena.

Comfort at last!

The most comfortable bra I have bought since having my mastectomy - well fitting and attractive as well. Have now bought 3 - which says it all!

Lovely bra, very good fit

I really liked the material of this bra and it fits really close, so I don't need to wear a camisole over it. It will be great for the summer when wearing summer tops.


Det blir alltid en "Mona" till slut. Alltid bäst

Mona non-wired soft bra

Really comfortable bra, have bought a number of them previously and rate them really highly

Ultimate for comfort

After 12 years of trying I've finally found a comfortable bra. Recommended by a Breast Nurse - excellent fit and feel.

Mona non wired bra

This is a really comfortable bra, definitely the best one I have bought. I like the wider straps as the give good support without cutting. It fits beautifully.

Mona bra

This is a very comfortable bra and I love the wide straps. My only complaint is that the 32" only goes up to a B cup, when I really need a C. Customer service is excellent too.

Mona bra

I'm delighted with my purchase, it's very comfortable and good shape . Delivery fast .

Lovely bra

I love this bra. It is a perfect fit and is so comfortable. I certainly recommend it and will be buying more. I wish they also had it in nude.

Mona Bra

A great bra I have bought lots over the years but wish the straps are able to be lengthened a bit.

Mona Bra

One of favourite - have been wearing a Mona Bra in various colours since my mastectomy.

Större storlekar saknas

BH:n verkar vara skön enligt recenssionerna Men min storlek saknas Till Amoena tillverka dom i större kupor och omfång

Större kupor

Tillverka Mona BH i större kupor 90 E 90F 90G 95 C 95D 95E 95F

loved it

Fitted well and looked good. Love the fact that it can be washed in machine instead of by hand!

Comfortable and seamless

This was the bra my hospital used when fitting me with a 'falsie'. It was so comfy, they gave me a voucher to buy the same one. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived today! I am 7 weeks post a total mastectomy and lymph node clearance and today is the first day I've worn a bra! Love the bra and love the outstanding service from this website.

Talla Real: muy cierto
Cómodo: muy cómodo
Ayuda: Gran ayuda
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Mona bra

This bra is comfortable but I found the side supports uncomfortable so removed them by unstitching the side , and now it is great. Looks the same with or without. I would like that they were optional and easily removable.

Talla Real: mayormente cierto
Cómodo: bastante cómodo
Ayuda: Gran ayuda
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Highly recommend

One of the most comfortable and perfect fitting bras I have had. Swift delivery in plain packaging.

Talla Real: muy cierto
Cómodo: muy cómodo
Ayuda: Gran ayuda
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Very Comfortable

I love this bra it is very comfortable and fits so well, I bought one in Black too. Best fitting Bra I have ever owned.

Talla Real: muy cierto
Cómodo: muy cómodo
Ayuda: Gran ayuda
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My favourite bra’

Love the Mona bra’. This bra’ is so comfortable and soft and it washes well. Great for wearing under T-shirts as smooth with no seams. Have been using this style bra for five years and have just had to buy a couple of new ones as putting on weight and now need a bigger band size. Thank you Amoena.

Talla Real: muy cierto
Cómodo: muy cómodo
Ayuda: Gran ayuda
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Mona Sujetador sin Aro - Blanco

Código de pedido: 606-90C
  • Copas preformadas perfectas para llevar debajo de ropa liger o transparente
  • Tejido Meryl micro fibra excelente para confort y soporte
  • Tirantes ligeramente acolchados
  • Tejido Jacquard enriquecido aporta un aspecto elegante
  • Bolsillos bilaterales - se puede utiliar como sujetador bilateral, izquierdo o derecho o sin bolsillos
  • Corchetes 2 filas: 70–90 AA; 70–85 A, B; 75–80 C, D, E // 3 filas: 95 AA; 90–95 A, B; 85–90 C, D; 85 E


Copas preformadas perfectas para llevar debajo de ropa liger o transparente. Tejido Meryl micro fibra excelente para confort y soporte. Tirantes ligeramente acolchados


70-95 AA, A, B; 75-90 C, D; 75-85 E


79% Poliamida, 21% Elastán


Los sujetadores con bolsillos Amoena no se han diseñado únicamente para resultar atractivos, sino que ofrecen características específicas que garantizan comodidad y transmiten seguridad. Por ejemplo, incluyen aros que no resultan molestos y tejidos que te hacen sentir frescor todo el día.

Después de 40 años escuchando las opiniones de las mujeres, somos expertos en el diseño de sujetadores post-quirúrgicos y continuamos diseñando teniendo en cuenta tus necesidades. Tirantes cómodos y ajustables para aliviar la tensión sobre tus hombros, bolsillos para que tu prótesis de mama permanezca de forma segura en su lugar, copas diseñadas para adaptarse a la forma de tu prótesis, contornos más anchos bajo la axila para ofrecerte una ligera sujeción adicional y otros detalles técnicos que ni siquiera percibirás, pero que agradecerás.

Key benefits

  • Los tirantes ofrecen sujeción a la prótesis de mama sin ejercer ningún tipo de presión sobre los hombros.
  • Algunos modelos y tallas presentan cómodos tirantes acolchados y adaptables que garantizan una comodidad máxima.
  • Los discretos bolsillos ofrecen múltiples opciones y mantienen la prótesis de mama de forma segura en su lugar, sin desplazarse y sin sobrepasar la copa del sujetador.
  • Elaborados con tejido ultra-fino o con microfibra, se adaptan perfectamente a la copa del sujetador y resultan suaves al tacto.
  • Amoena incluye modelos de sujetadores con y sin aros.
  • Nuestros sujetadores con aros flex-comfort han sido específicamente diseñados para adaptarse a la forma de la prótesis de mama, ofrecen una suave sujeción y no ejercen presión sobre la prótesis ni sobre el tejido cicatrizal.
  • Los sujetadores Amoena ofrecen posibilidades a todas las mujeres - independientemente que necesiten un sujetador bilateral, izquierdo, derecho, o sin bolsillo