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Cosmetic Collection Breast Forms Look And Feel Natural

A new class of light breast forms that look so real and feel so soft

Women have told us they want more natural looking breast forms without compromising on weight. 

Mastectomy fitters have told us they want an easy fitting form that makes their customers feel more like themselves again. 

Amoena has an answer to both: Introducing The Cosmetic Collection



The Cosmetic Collection combines all the things you love about Amoena breast forms with a realness like no other. 


Features of Cosmetic Collection Breast Forms:


Life-like on the outside 

  • The Cosmetic breast form looks so real—and more like you—even in the sheerest bra style. 
  • The natural front layer combined with Amoena’s InTouch super soft silicone makes the form move like a natural breast so it feels more like you. 

Life-like on the inside 

  • For ultimate comfort, the light, reduced weight silicone formula makes the breast form feel lighter and more natural. 
  • Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material inside helps reduce perspiration behind the form so you stay comfortable all day long. 

Natura Cosmetic Breast Form

breast cancer survivor recommends Amoena breast form“The Natura Cosmetic is the first breast form I’ve worn that truly feels like me. The first day I wore it, I didn’t want to take it off – I couldn’t believe I found a breast form that felt so natural, soft and comfortable. 
When I wear my Natura Cosmetic breast form, I forget it's there!” – Mary, age 55 

Energy Cosmetic Breast Form 

Energy Cosmetic features a soft pearl back that allows air to flow freely behind the form, increasing ventilation and moisture evaporation. original

the cosmetic collection"I am very active - I play tennis almost every day - and have always loved wearing my Amoena Energy breast form because it helps me perspire less. I was excited to hear that Amoena now has a breast form that is even more natural feeling, but still has the Energy features I love. 

When I wore the Energy Cosmetic, it felt so natural in my bra cup and the lighter weight was and added bonus! I wore it all day, even while playing tennis, and my bra and I stayed dry. It was like I wasn't wearing a breast form at all! 

I love the colour and touch and how it looks so natural under my clothes - I feel like myself again."- Sonja, age 59

Benefits of Cosmetic Collection Breast Forms:

amoena standard silicon iconA thin layer of standard silicone covers the cup side:
Looks natural in a bra, even the sheerest bra. 

amoena intouch silicn iconReduced weight, Intouch soft silicone on the inside:
Provides exceptional wearing comfort, especially for women who may have physical issues that prevent them from wearing a standard weight form. In addition, the combination of InTouch soft silicone and the natural front layer makes the form move and feel like a natural breast. 

amoena comfort plus iconComfort+ temperature-equalizing technology integrated into the reduced weight silicone:
Reduces perspiration for ultimate comfort all day long. 

amoena clear gel iconClear gel back:
Hugs the chest wall and is comfortable to sensitive skin and scar areas.

amoena energy iconOptimal air flow in the Energy forms:
Unique three-dimensional surface with air flow channels on the back of the breast form allows air to flow freely behind the form, increasing air ventilation and moisture evaporation