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Amoena Flower Pyjama Set – Independent Review

Good Housekeeping Review

An independent review by Good Housekeeping this month saw the Amoena Flower Pyjama Set receiving an 86/100 rating, achieving second place overall in their support nightwear category.Subscribers to Good Housekeeping can read the review online but for those of you who don’t have a login, here are the details:

Amoena Flower Pyjama Set – Independent Review

Amoena Flower Pyjama Set 

“Overall, these pyjamas are made of a very soft material which makes them very comfortable to wear. Both top and bottoms are quite long, although our testers feel this makes the shape more flattering. The support itself is very effective and pleasing, some found it a bit tight, however the support makes up for this.” 

Good Housekeeping liked 

  • The material of these pyjamas is very soft and comfortable. 
  • The top gives great support to the chest, which lasts through the night. 
  • Our testers feel flattered by the long length of the top and bottoms, it gives them a pleasant shape. 

Good Housekeeping didn’t like

  •  Some find the support a little too tight. 


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