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Amoena breast shapers balance out asymmetry after breast-conserving therapy, breast reconstruction, multiple biopsies, or natural uneven breast development. The soft silicone shapers fit snugly against the natural curves of the remaining breast tissue and fill the bra cup for a symmetrical silhouette, improving posture, correcting muscular imbalances, and preventing bra puckering. Our large portfolio of shapers ensures a fit for every need. For the best possible and most individual breast care.

Amoena Balance Shapers 

Invisible  – Thin tapered edges ensure a seamless fit between the shaper and the body
Versatile – Various shapes, sizes and thicknesses available for optimal customisation
Simple –Correct thickness is accurately determined using our simple cup difference method



Thanks to different shapes (oval, delta, ellipse, varia), there is a perfect balance shaper for you. .



Balance Adapt Air

Breast shaper with an adjustable back

Breast shaper with flexible back, adjustable for perfect skin contact and volume. An integrated air chamber and light silicone make the Adapt Air very flexible and light. You can adjust the volume easily for symmetry with a natural breast that may fluctuate in size.

Particularly suitable for:

• uneven scar tissue
• weight fluctuations
• swelling from lymphoedema

Balance Contact

Shaper with a self-adhesive back

The Contact shaper adheres directly to the skin and follows every movement of the body. As with the natural breast, the chest wall bears the main weight of the shaper. The Contact shaper helps relieve pressure on the shoulder.

Particularly suitable for:

• shoulder/neck pain
• larger cup sizes
• lymphedema

Balance Natura

Breast shaper with a temperature-regulating back

The Natura shaper offer a very natural movement and wearing experience. It has an integrated Comfort+ layer that regulates the temperature between the shaper and the skin to absorb excess heat and reduce sweating behind the shaper.

Particularly suitable for:

• hot flushes due to menopause or medication

Balance Essential

Breast shapers for basic care

This shaper comfortably meets essential needs for restoring balance after breast surgery or to correct natural unevenness.

Particularly suitable for:

• a szmmetrical appearance