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Two new foam cup technologies in our Everyday bras: Memory Foam and Spacer Foam

Special Foam Cups: Smooth and More Comfortable

We talk a lot about the cups of our bras. They’re pocketed, of course, so that women who’ve had a mastectomy can insert their silicone breast form in, and no one’s the wiser. But did you know there’s even more to love about our bra cups? 

Spacer Foam Technology

In this season’s Bianca Bra, a spacer foam insert lightens the bra and lets air move through. Spacer foam has both a top and a bottom layer, with tiny filaments in between that create air pockets between the layers. It is very lightweight and comfortable, perfect for hot days. 

Moreover, spacer foam solves a common fabric problem. Other types of foam cups include two pieces of fabric glued to a thin foam; over time and exposure to air, this glue turns yellow, and causes light-coloured fabric to yellow, as well. Spacer foam eliminates the layering and gluing, so that bright whites stay white, and light fabrics maintain their original colours.

Spacer technology:

  • Very light weight, but still gives a flawless, smooth look under clothing
  • Breathable integrated air pockets allow air to pass through the cups
  • Helps ensure colour fastness; whites and light colours won’t yellow 

Memory Foam Technology

Adding popular memory foam to our toolkit of technologies is an exciting innovation. As you’re probably aware, memory foam absorbs the temperature of the body, and can then perfectly adapt to the shape of the breast. It returns to its original shape once taken off. 

What does this mean for you? Your bra cups will not develop creases that are impossible to remove. They’ll feel, instead, like a second skin, uniquely surrounding your body. Plus, when you travel, any pressure marks from the suitcase easily disappear once you wear the bra again. 

The Gracy Padded Non-Wired Bra features this Memory Foam cup. 

Memory foam technology:

  • Fits like a second skin, shaping to the breast or the breast form
  • Creates a smooth silhouette—a perfect t-shirt bra
  • Bounces back, retaining its shape in any situation, including travel

Ask your certified certified fit specialist  to show you these two new styles, with special foam technologies