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We Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink October Bra For Breast Cancer Awareness 2020

October is breast cancer awareness month worldwide, with the aim of raising public awareness of the disease and showing solidarity with the women affected. And October is pink and since 1992 the "Pink Ribbon" has been the symbol of solidarity with breast cancer patients through private and corporate commitment.


New Pink Bra to Wear for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020


For Amoena, October is also a special month, and for the occasion of "Pink October 2020", the company is adding "Magenta Love" - a very feminine, bright and fresh shade - to the colour palette of the popular soft mastectomy bra Lara Satin

Amoena's portfolio offers breast cancer patients support at all stages of their post-surgery recovery. Recovery Care products for initial and post-operative care, such as post-op bras, with their compression function can provide significant positive support for the surgical outcome and wound healing. Full and partial prostheses of the female breast help to shape a natural silhouette and restore the orthopedically necessary body balance. 

The Pink October bra 2020 special edition of the Lara Satin continues this tradition. This comfortable, soft cup T-shirt bra in eye-catching magenta has padded seamless cups, back closure and adjustable straps.

The centre front features a pretty Pink Ribbon, as a symbol of solidarity with breast cancer sufferers.

Discover this limited bra in greater detail – find an Amoena retailer here.