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Amoena Spring 2017 Pocketed Bras and Apparel

Explore the design inspiration behind our latest pocketed lingerie and clothing.


The creative inspiration for Amoena's designers in our Spring 2017 Collection begins with the world's different dance traditions. One of the most universally visual arts, dance styles tell stories — from classical ballet to the Charleston, colourful Asian festivals, and even the bravura of the showgirl scene — that are emotional and entertaining. 

We've tried to incorporate some of those emotions into the line. You can see the romantic styling and tulle straps on our Romy Pocketed Bra styles, for instance, or the Charleston-like embroidery of the Alexa bra.


Other influences for our pocketed bra and briefs sets, active and leisure wear include nature's complexity — different shades of the same tone, for example, as shadow and light — and the allure of night time.

Can you see these themes as you browse the bra collection? What else do you see and feel?