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Quality and Environment Policy

quality and environment policyAmoena specializes in developing unique products of the highest quality and most innovative design that enhance our customers’ well being and support. Therefore, Amoena believes in quality -quality in all products and business processes. We define quality as innovative and reliable products and effective processes meeting the needs of internal and external customers and thus increasing our customer satisfaction.

It is our wish to improve the quality of life of all customers- without impairing the quality of life of others. Therefore we commit ourselves  to act responsibly and anticipatory in environmental business contexts.

Quality, environmental protection and the continual improvements are the responsibility of all employees. Therefore, we aim to

  • continually improve quality and environmental sustainability based on customer requirements 
  • continually improve the effectiveness of our quality and environmental management system based on internal measurements 
  • establish and continuously review quality and environmental objectives 
  • optimize our daily operations regarding quality and environment 
  • take precautions to prevent impacts on quality and environment when developing new products, technologies and business areas. 
  • make quality and environment a key element in relevant management decisions 
  • educate and involve employees, customers, suppliers, society and shareholders and exchange knowledge regarding quality and environment,


quality and environment policy

In equal measure managers and employees are responsible to initiate and meet actions in order to achieve continuous improvement. Also all products and business processes must comply with regulatory requirements and voluntary duties to which Amoena has committed itself.


Our integrated management system provides the basis for compliance with this guideline. Therefore, each employee is responsible to act according to the integrated management system.

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