When it comes to chemo headwear, you only truly appreciate the value of built-in comfort features when you wear one regularly. Long-term comfort is a foundational principle upon which every Amoena product is designed. Our chemo hats and chemo scarves are no exception. The use of only highly breathable fabric prevents heat build-up and skin irritation. You'll also find that the small amount of stretch in the materials we use ensures a more comfortable and stable fit too, while the total absence of inside seams means your headwear remains comfortable, even when worn all day.
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Daphne Cap
Red / White
lightweight hat
Daphne Cap
Navy / White
lightweight hat
Blossom Headscarf
Off-white / Purple / Pink
easy, everyday scarf
Night Cap
Paradise Pink
smooth and comfy
Amarylis Headscarf
Off-White / Black
versatile bamboo scarf
Tansy Headscarf
Raspberry / Blush
all-cotton scarf with removable sun protection
Violet Cap
soft, easy-fitting cap
Sweet Pea Scarf
cotton and silk scarf

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