Care Instructions

Proper care for Amoena breast forms, lingerie and swimwear 

Breast forms

Amoena breast forms are incredibly resilient and are designed to stand up to the normal everyday demands placed upon them. If cared for correctly, your breast form should last you for many years. However, take care not to puncture your breast form with sharp objects, such as pins or pet claws, as repair is not possible. Use of talcum powder and body lotions on or around your breast form should also be avoided.

To ensure your breast form remains in good condition, you should wash it every day with soap and water* and dry with a soft cloth or towel. When not being worn, you should keep your breast form in the cradle provided, as this will help to maintain its shape.

* special care instructions apply to the Contact range of breast forms, shown below.

Contact adhesive breast forms

1. Sprinkle Amoena Soft Cleanser on to the dry adhesive surface,
wet the special brush with water.

2. Scrub hard with the special brush, applying pressure,
for about 3 minutes.

3. Rinse with plenty of water.

4. Allow to dry naturally or with a hair dryer on a low
temperature setting.



To treat your underwear well, you should preferably wash it by hand. Some bras are made from different materials with different care instructions. The hooks at the back and adjustments on the straps will not normally withstand high temperatures. If you must put them in the washing machine, always use a mild detergent and put your underwired bras in a laundry bag.

The care symbol on the garment tells you how best to wash it. The care symbol on a mixed fibre label is of course based on the most sensitive fibre - to be absolutely sure.

Whether you wash your underwear by hand or machine, it must be well rinsed to remove all traces of detergent from the fabric. This can irritate sensitive skin or turn the material yellow. Perfumes and deodorants are very difficult to remove if they accidentally stain a bra or body. To avoid staining your bra, spray your favourite perfume on your body before getting dressed and wait until your skin is completely dry.


To ensure your Amoena swimwear remains in good condition and does not fray or fade, you should always ensure you follow the special care instructions supplied with each garment. The following guidelines will also help you:

  • Do not leave wet swimwear rolled up
  • Rinse your swimwear thoroughly after each wearing
  • Do not wring, just squeeze gently to get rid of excess moisture
  • Wash in cold or just lukewarm water with a gentle detergent
  • Follow the washing guidelines supplied with each garment
  • Do not dry in full sunlight