Amoena Purfit

Shapes your curves perfectly

During tissue expansion most women want to maintain breast symmetry to feel feminine and look natural every day. She has probably chosen this type of surgery because she does not want to wear a breast form, but the challenge is to find a breast enhancer that achieves the cosmetic effect she wants during the expansion process, while adapting to her changing shape and protecting sensitive tissue.

Amoena’s new PurFit adjustable enhancer is designed specifically with these needs in mind -- easy to adjust for a perfect match with existing breast tissue; lightweight for comfort; and features a unique washable cover for everyday freshness. PurFit adjustable enhancer looks and feels just like a natural breast, completely fills the cup of a bra and ensuring the confidence and comfort that will see a woman right through the expansion process.

Easy to use
Volume is easily adjusted with fiberfill in the back pocket of the breast form cover. A woman can expand or reduce the volume to match her existing breast. 

Natural look and feel
Soft silicone insert looks and feels like natural breast tissue; quickly warms to body temperature and fills the cup of a bra perfectly. 

Hygienic and gentle
Removable fabric cover is washable; fiberfill is breathable and gentle to the skin. 

Comfortable and caring
Ultra lightweight for optimum all-day comfort; sturdy, yet flexible silicone shell protects delicate breast tissue. 

The clear silicone enhancer can be used to ad volume to a woman’s natural breast during the expansion phase for a symmetrical silhouette that promotes confidence.