Legal Notes

1. Amoena Products
We would prefer that you should keep yourself comprehensively up to date with our web offering at as much as you are able. Nevertheless, Amoena cannot accept any liability for content (or errors in the content) [published by] Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH, Kapellenweg 36, 83064 Raubling, Germany ("Amoena"). Neither do we accept any liability for webpage content for which Amoena is not responsible - in particular web pages to which we refer by means of links.
Our web site and the products shown in it are directed at the German and Austrian markets. Accordingly, the products shown are sometimes not available in every country from which you can call up our web site, or are marketed there under a different name. Similarly, the indications for using these products may differ from country to country. We therefore do not accept any liability for products and details outside Germany and Austria - in any event, you should first consult an expert in your country and read the instructions for use intended for your country carefully.
The information contained in our website does not represent a substitute for proper medical advice and care. If you have or suspect health problems, please always ask an appropriately qualified expert.

2. Content changes
We must inform you that we may remove, change or add to parts of our website without having notified you of this separately.

3. Copyright and brand name rights
Our web pages are copyrighted. All rights to the design and content of our web pages rest with Amoena.
The brand names and other symbols used on our web pages (including company logos) are protected by law. Any use of a brand name or another symbol on this website requires prior consent in writing from Amoena or the relevant owner of the rights. It should not be assumed from the use of brand names or other symbols on this web page and/or any other content of this web page that Amoena or any other holder of the right to use these brand names or other symbols consents to their use by a third party.
The image material contained on our website is copyrighted by Amoena. The use of this material without the previous approval of Amoena is forbidden unless this use is explicitly allowed by law. For such kind of allowed usage the image material must include the copyright information; the best form would be „© Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH“. You can request approval for a not-allowed-by-law usage especially for commercial purposes by contacting amoena[at] Any use of copyright protected images and content against the law or other unauthorized use can lead to consequences under civil and criminal law. 
You are allowed to download content from our web pages exclusively for private use. Any use of protected content (including brand names, other symbols, etc.) in business, as well as for other non-private purposes is forbidden. 

4. E-mails
Nothing that you communicate to us by electronic means will be treated as confidential, regardless of whether it is data, suggestions or comments. Anything that you communicate to us in this way can be used by ourselves and our partners without restriction. In particular, Amoena can use your ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques, e.g. even in relation to a product development.

5. Contact with Amoena
If you have queries concerning legal aspects, you can make contact with Amoena.