How to Make Date Night Unforgettable

Amoena Seduction is a great foundation for flirting and fun

You make plans. You mark it on the calendar. You schedule the babysitter. What else do you need to do to make your night out memorable?

Start with your foundation -- what you’re wearing underneath

It doesn’t matter if your date will see it later or not(we’re blushing!); you’ll feel like a million bucks if you’re wearing something flirty, colorful, supportive and sexy. You can rock jeans and a sweater set, or get all dressed up on the outside – either way, the lingerie will boost your demeanor. You’ll stand up a little straighter and flash that smile a little more.

Try something from the Valerie collection, in crisp white or sultry black. It’s cut a little lower than our usual silhouette, but still has a full pocket to hold your breast form or shaper securely in place. The matching panties come in a boyshort or a lacy hipster, and the flirty ribbon detailing adds a playful touch. Valerie bras come non-wired or underwired, and if you’re really feeling daring, go for the Pocketed Body. Confidence! It’s the new black.

Get dolled up with hair, nails and makeup

If you’re in treatment, this can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. It’s one way to take back control in the midst of breast cancer. Dark shades of nail polish are hot right now, like blues and slate greys. Tuck a shimmery lip gloss into your purse. (Okay, you probably knew that one – you’ve been doing that since junior prom!)

Color does make a difference in how you feel - experts have proven that time and again. If you like a little more color in your lingerie, the sexy cherry-red Anna collection -- underwire bra, wire-free bra, or camisole -- is perfect for you.

Do a little homework first

Some date-night prep-work can’t hurt – even if you’ve been married for years! Make yourself a better conversationalist: Glance at the headlines, or read a book review for an author you both like. Find the latest funny viral video and queue it up on your phone. (But try not to rely on the phone for entertainment, and for goodness’ sake, don’t text someone else during your date if you can help it!) If you’re in a new relationship, ask open-ended questions, like “What do you think about….?” These can bring conversation to a deeper level.

Take a chance on an activity

If you always go to a movie, try a trivia night instead. Regular at rock band concerts? How about the symphony? Bowling, throwing darts, or a daytime outing  (hiking, roller-blading, even charity projects) can add some new life to your dating life.

Whatever you do, be yourself. If that self is a little more lingerie-conscious than usual, so much the better! You’re unforgettable, just as you are.