Feeling Gracious, Happy, and Comfortable with Amoena this Season

Don’t Stress about Your Holiday List

When you think about your “Christmas list,” do you mean that long, daunting inventory of all your pending tasks (otherwise known as a “To-do list”), or do you embrace your inner child and write down what you’re hoping to see under the tree?

We hope it’s the latter! With all you do (or all you’ve been through) throughout the year, this special season should be a time to celebrate, not to stress. In fact, we give you permission to put yourself first a little bit. Here’s why: Your mood will carry over to the Christmas events you’ll host and attend. Others pick up your vibe, so make sure you’re feeling gracious, happy and comfortable.

For feeling festive and dressed up

Put on elegance and style with a Karla lingerie set in midnight blue with black lace accents – it’s got just enough high style to help you stand up a little straighter, and raise that festive glass a little higher! Or for a night out – perhaps The Nutcracker or a classical concert? – take sophistication with you. The Anna collection, with its two-toned red and grey lace and dreamy décolleté, is perfect with this year’s holiday dresses.


For cozy at-home evenings  

Even when you’re home with just your family, you want to be comfortable and feel secure.Cozy pajamas from Amoena cover all the bases, plus they’re a festive winter white. The Ivory pajama set and nightdress are fashioned from ultra-soft modal and the full shelf bra means you can look “dressed” but feel relaxed. Add the Bolero jacket and a cup of cider or spiced tea for a perfect moment by the fireplace.  


For keeping warm during a winter walk

Layers and more layers! When shopping in the trendy outdoor malls or taking a brisk walk for holiday exercise, layer with a Valletta tank top on under your blouse and sweater. Because it fits nice and snug, it holds in the heat and keeps your whole body under wraps – which is a good thing, in this weather!

Try to put aside thoughts of the seasonal hustle and bustle– because at the heart of it all, the holidays are about moments together with friends and family. When a large group comes around for a special meal, or you’re snuggled by the tree sharing hot cocoa and stories from years past, take a step back and remember: this warmth, this feeling, is the most important thing.