Amoena's new activewear line for women redefines ‘Living well’

Cooling fabric features make new collection perfect for every moment of every day

Have you ever needed to dash from the gym to the coffee shop to meet someone, but knew your gym clothes just weren’t quite up to the task? Amoena Active – a new line of active and leisure wear from the innovative breast care specialist – has got you covered.
Coming this April to Amoena retailers nationwide, this collection of clothes goes from workout to “out-and-about” with ease. One reason is its technology. That’s right – there’s technology in the fabrics.
“Not only have we used wicking fabrics like Naturexx, which is pretty standard in workout fashion, we’ve also included our Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material to help prevent perspiration. This material is something our customers appreciate in Amoena’s bras and breast forms, so we’re excited to expand the portfolio of products that have it,” explains Malissa Magyar, Global Head of Marketing.
Comfort+, as explained on the company’s website, absorbs heat from the body when it gets warm, holds or stores the heat, and then releases it back if there’s a temperature change. Think of leaving your air-conditioned home in the summertime, walking to work, and then entering the air-conditioned office. The result is a comfortable body temperature all the time, and a reduction of the chance you’ll perspire. “It’s perfect for workout-wear,” Magyar adds.
Amoena has put this technology into several new styles including racer-back and tank-style tops in bright color combinations, like pink or turquoise with a slate grey. Combined with matching capris, they’re a great solution for women on the go. They also include an integrated bra with Amoena’s standard pockets, for women who wear breast forms or enhancers. In the fall, look for an expanded selection, including tee-shirts, shorts and jackets, to mix and match with the line.
Amoena believes the collection is going to be popular. “We’ve heard from women that they want comfortable day-clothes, including workout wear,” Magyar says. “We believe that this is the start of something special.”
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