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Symmetry Shapers Amoena Balance

Get even with your bra 

Amoena Balance enhancers – also known as symmetry shapers or partial shapers – create an even silhouette and restore body symmetry. Women can wear them inside a bra, or they can gently adhere directly to the breast. Balance enhancers are curved to match the body’s shape, perfectly filling the bra cup. Their thin, tapered edges make them invisible under clothing – but the effect they have on your figure won’t go unnoticed. 

Most women know that breasts are rarely an evenly matched pair. In a lot of cases – particularly after breast surgery, but also naturally– significant breast imbalance can alter a woman’s posture and make her feel unsure of herself in certain fashions. 

Even teens can have naturally irregular breasts. Certified Fit Specialist Dawn Foster confides, “I love sharing Amoena Balance with younger girls who may have growth imbalance. We all remember how we want to be accepted at that age. Giving someone Balance can be life-altering for her.” 

That positive impact goes for all women. The Balance range is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, so women can feel self-assured in every situation. Foster uses Balance for women who need a little lift: “You can place some of these shapes anywhere in the cup of the bra, to fill out exactly where you need it – underneath to lift up, or on the side to enhance the décolleté,” she explains. With evening gowns or lower cut tops, the extra “boost” gives just the right amount of confidence. 

And now, all Balance products feature Amoena’s patented Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology. The Comfort+ microcapsules absorb heat during a rise in body temperature, store the heat and then release it back to the body when the temperature lowers, keeping her perfectly comfortable all day long.

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